Top 9 Considerations for Luxury Home Buyers with Kids

June 15, 2023

Find the right home for your whole family

As a luxury home buyer with children it’s important to consider several factors before making your purchase. Among the top nine key considerations are school districts, safety and security child friendly amenities, space for growth proximity to activities and a child friendly community.

  1. School Districts: First thing you’ll want to do is Investigate the quality of local schools as this can impact both your childrens’ education and future resale value of your home. 
  2. Safety & Security: Make sure to check out the neighborhoods thoroughly and possibly consider a gated community or home equipped with a security system for that extra added layer of protection. Inspect the layout of any homes you’re considering- particularly as it relates to accommodating younger children. 
  3. Child-Friendly Amenities: Luxury homes often come with excellent amenities such as pools or game rooms that make for great entertainment opportunities for kids. A large yard or access to recreational facilities is also worthwhile. 
  4. Space for Growth: Be sure that any potential residences have flexible spaces that can adapt over time – like transforming an office into a nursery. 
  5. Proximity to Activities: Consider proximity when selecting a new property. Being close to schools, sports facilities and social venues is essential for ease of life purposes. 
  6. Child-Friendly Community: A family oriented environment can give kids an unparalleled lifestyle experience plus bolster lifelong friendships. 
  7. Privacy: Bigger lots and taller fencing create greater distance between neighbors ensuring privacy concerns won’t be something you have to worry about overmuch. 
  8. Soundproofing: Integrated soundproofing features help ensure noisy activities don’t interfere with rest of household operations. 
  9. Future Resale Value: Be sure to factor in future resale value; purchasing homes which will retain their worth after your children have grown up offers ideal long term investment potential.

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